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Volume 4 

Number 3 



Blue Ribbon Pop-ups 

Ann Montanaro 
East Brunswick. New Jersey 

The "Pop-Ups" arrived in U.S. book stores in 1932 
with much fanfare and publicity. An unprecedented 
advertising campaign preceded the publication of what 
was consistently referred to as the "Pop-Ups." Blue 
Ribbon Books placed double-page advertisements in 
Publishers ' Weekly in October. 1932 proclaiming "The 
Pop-Ups are here! The Pop-Ups are the most complete 
and satisfying gifts to ever come out of Santa Claus' 
bountiful bag. No book ever made in America will arouse 
the curiosity of potential customers as thoroughly as these 
Pop-Ups ." The publisher was not alone in celebrating 
the novelty. A PW columnist in the same month 
described the following event: 

At another lunch, a few days before, we were 
looking at the new Blue Ribbon "Pop-Ups" 
which hadn't then been published. An elderly 
gentleman at the next table, getting more and 
more restless as we played, fascinated, with the 
illustrations, finally cleared his throat, leaned 
over and begged our pardon but where could he 
get books like that? He was told, of course, that 
they weren't published yet. but that after the 
1 5th of October he could get them from any 
bookseller or from the Blue Ribbon office. He 
promised to buy a half dozen or so. They solved 
his Christmas problem, he said, nicely. Before 
lunch was over the head waiter had made the 
same enquiry, shaken his head over the price 
and promised to buy one for his youngster. Not 
m a long time have we seen anyone go so out of 
his way to buy a book. 

The publishing house Blue Ribbon Books. Inc. was 
founded in 1930 as a non-fiction reprint venture owned 
jointly by Dodd. Mead. Harper. Harcourt. and Little. 
Brown. The larger firms provided most of the books 
which were reissued for $1.00, and Blue Ribbon was 
very successful in its initial years. As sales began to 
slump. Eugene ReynaL a Blue Ribbon executive, took an 
idea which had been successful in England, called them 
"Pop-Ups." risked $20,000 on two titles with only two 

months before Christmas to sell them. The initial 1932 
titles were: Jack the Giant Killer, and Pinocchio. [Full 
bibliographic citations appear at the end of this article] 
Each title was offered for sale at $2.00 apiece beg innin g 
on October 15. 1932. They were described as containing 
four, three-dimensional illustrations with horses that 
stand up. people who walk and enter doors, horses which 
rear, and fish that gape. "It's all very fascinating and new 
to this country,"' reported PW. "The English have had 
something like it in the London Daily Express Annual." 
Blue Ribbon announced that because of the difficulty m 
manufacturing, each book would be limited to one 

Harold B. Lentz 

The Pop-Ups were created by Harold B. Lentz. a 
Toledo. Ohio artist. Lentz had worked in the field of 
juvenile art since 1919 and had been Art Director for the 
Cleveland Trust Co. and served as well as Cleveland's 
Art Ehrector for the Liberty Loan Committee during the 
Victor) - Loan Drive. A brief article about Lentz in PW 
noted "much of the credit for the success of these books 
should be given to Harold B. Lentz . . The finished 
quality is due to Mr. Lentz's ingenuity and diligence. 
After long hours of labor and experimenting. Mr. Lentz 
prepared preliminary sketches and dummies. 

"When these faded to satisfy him he made more, 
tearing up one rough working dummy after another after 
he discovered impractical folds in the mechanism. The 
finished books which he finally submitted will permit 
constant opening and closing of the books without 
crushing the complicated folded pieces." 

The Movable Book Society 

Movable Stationery is the quarterly publication of The 
Movable Book Society. Letters and articles from 
members on relevant subjects are welcome. Advertising 
is accepted free of charge from members and is included 
when space permits. The annual membership fee for The 
Society' is $15.00. For more information contact Ann 
Montanaro, The Movable Book Society, P.O. Box 
1 1654, New Brunswick. New Jersey 08906. 

Daytime telephone: 908-445-5896 
Evening telephone: 908-247-6071 
e-mail: montanar( 
Fax: 908-846-7928 
The deadline for the next issue is November 15. 

As Christmas neared. Blue Ribbon placed an ad 
"toasting" the first 1 1 members of the "500 Re-Order 
Club: the honorary order of rapid purveyors of Blue 
Ribbon Pop-Ups " The large department stores, such as 
Bloomingdales. Gimbel Brothers, J.L Hudson. R.H 
Macy. Marshall Field, and John Wanamaker had each re- 
ordered 500 or more Pop-Ups at one time. Book sellers 
were further reminded "Who says the public won't buy 
books? All over the country they're buying all the Pop- 
Up books we can supply (at $2.00, mind you), and crying 
for more. If you want business sell Pop-Ups. Every one 
you sell brings in a dozen more customers. But order 
now! We can only manufacture 700 a day - and we can't 
guarantee delivery in less than a week " 

1932 was a difficult year for book sellers due to the 
continuing economic depression. The number of books 
published in 1932 decreased by 12% from the previous 
year and publishers and book sellers alike were looking 
for ways to increase sales. The Pop-Ups topped the 
juvenile best seller list in November and December but 
were not out long enough to earn a place on the 1932 
Annual Best Seller list. 

The first Pop-Ups were so successful that Blue Ribbon 
announced the publication of four new titles in May 
1933. Reynal persuaded Waft Disney to add Mickey 
Mouse to the Blue Ribbon line with a full line of popping 
and non-popping Mickeys. Their ads boasted "From the 
moment they were published the 'Pop-Ups' have been 
best sellers. Now with Mickey Mouse Pop-Ups' they 
will start a buying riot! Drawn in Walt Disney's own 
studios. Printed in gorgeous colors. Three popular price 
lines. And 'Pop-Ups' has been registered as a trade mark. 

giving us full legal protection for the exclusive use of this 
name" The original two tides, Pinocchio and Jack the 
Giant Killer, and two new titles. Cinderella and Mother 
Goose, continued to retail for $2.00. But, Blue Ribbon 
added tides m other price ranges. Pop-up Mickey Mouse 
and Pop-up Minnie Mouse sold for 75c. and Mickey 
Mouse in King Arthur's Court and Pop-up Silly 
Symphonies sold for $1 .75. Additionally there were four 
new 50c tides: Sleeping Beauty. Jack the Giant Killer. 
Little Red Riding Hood, and Jack and the Beanstalk. 

Jack the giant Killer. 1933 

As book sellers debated whether or not readers 
purchased books during the summer. Blue Ribbon was 
creating new ways to marketing the Pop-Ups. "For 
display purposes, the jackets on all the twelve pop-up 
items which will be avadable this fall have been designed 
almost as posters. The Pop-Ups themselves are, of 
course, the main feature and make their own display 
when the book is opened. They will be ready for 
shipment with die 75c Mickey and Minnie Mouse books. 
a 12 by 18-mch poster in four colors, but out at the top, 
showing the two mice looking at a scene from one of the 
books "The poster did not carry a price sign so it could 
be used for any of the Pop-Up titles. A record 2,500 
posters w ere distributed to booksellers. 

Blue Ribbon also prepared a special pop-up mailing 
piece which it supplied to book sellers at cost. Its purpose 
was to "pull in orders from customers who are reluctant 
to come into the stores." and was an unusual piece 
containing a pop-up figure of Mickey himself. 

Book store sales staff were encouraged to show the 
Pop-Ups since it had been found that the bulk of the sales 
the previous Christmas had come from stores where the 
"managers and clerks gave intelligent and enthusiastic 
cooperation (a lamentably small group, by the way)." 
Blue Ribbon gave demonstrations and local advertising 
allowances based on the total order and book sellers were 
encouraged to display posters, have movie tie-ins, pop-up 
parties, and large displays. The new Pop-Ups were best 

Jack and the beanstalk, 1933 

In 1933 Reynal purchased Blue Ribbon and proudly 
pointed out that the publisher had neither cut salaries nor 
curtailed its staff all during the depression. But by 
October 1933. Blue Ribbon was forced to announce price 
increases for the Pop-Ups. The 500 titles were increased 
to 60c and the 75c titles increased to 850 . They reported 
"Under the NRA [National Recovery Act] code we have 
had to grant very large increases in the manufacturing 
cost of the Pop-Ups beyond what was originally 
contracted for. Up to now we have absorbed this loss 
ourselves. However, the cost of hand labor and of paper 
is still mounting and on the new editions of the 500 and 
750 Pop-Ups which are now being run. there is nothing 
we can do but raise the price. As you know, our margin 
of profit on the Pop-Ups at best is exceedingly small and 
the present prices are onfy made possible by 
manufacturing editions of 50,000 copies. So far as 
possible, we will supply at the old prices all order placed 
before October 16th from the stock now on hand." 

A huge advertising campaign followed the price 
increase announcement. PW carried two-color ads printed 
on heavy weight paper. Reynal announced to the trade " 
In August we published two 750 Mickey Mouse books. 
Less than one month later, we shipped the last of our first 
50,000 printing and hastened the second 50,000 off the 
press. We are publishing a $2.00 Pop-Up which has over 
four times the value at least than three times the price. 
The book is Mickey Mouse in King Arthur 's Court. It is 
uniform in format and price with The pop-up Silly 
Symphonies. Our first printing on these two titles is 
36.000. and the advance nearly covers this printing." 

Reynal continued. "There is no need to tell you the 
story of Mickey Mouse. He is the best juvemle 
merchandise ever developed in America Pop-Ups are 
the best selling juvenile book merchandise in America. 
The combination is unbeatable." 

In the four successive weeks Blue Ribbon followed up 
with similar ads to announce Silly Symphonies as a 
movie tie-in with colorful posters and "excellent 
marketing potential." Blue Ribbon was experiencing its 
best year ever with the popularity of the Pop-Ups. their 
traditional reprints, and another Disney movie tie-in 
Three little pigs printed in standard book format. 

Goldilocks and the three bears, 1934 

continued on page 8 

: : : : , A*iKrt^v-i^wpBo(i:;itiyiiJ!»vi<iA.CQrtf'T 

1 W - Awful 

2 ft - POOR 
3^- OK 
4^- Good 

5 ft - Superb 

The Beginners Bible Series. Titles: Daniel 
and the Lions, 0-679-87745-2; David and 
Goliath, 0-679-87746-0; Jonah and the 
Whale, 0-679-87747-9; Noah and the Ark, 
0-679-87748-7. Author and illustrator uncredited. 
Paper Eng's: Rafael Rangel, Jose Seminario, Rodger 
Smith. $5.99 US, $7.99 Can, each. 13x14cm. 6 
spreads, 6 pops. Art: Cartoony pen/watercolor. Plot: 
Abridged bible primers. According to copyright info 
all characters are "licensed exclusively." I hope God 
is getting his royalty. Nice concept but art is weak 
and inappropriate. Paper Eng: Very Simple. 

Bugs that go Bump 
in the Night, By 

David A.Carter. Little 
Simon. 0-689-80120- 
3. $14.95 US, $19.95 
Can. 23x1 8cm. 7 
spreads 1 pop, 5 flap 
mechs, 1 removable 
paper mask. Art: 
Humorous pen/watercolor. Plot: Spooky bugs 
from the bug master! One of the best titles 
in series. Paper Eng: Somewhat complex. 

Can you peck like a hen? By Jez 

Alborough. Candlewick Press. 1-56402- 
881-x. $7.99 US. 16x22cm. 5 spreads. 5 tab 
mechs, 1 flap. Art: Humorous magic marker. Plot: 
Copycatting animal habits. Simple and basic for very 
young readers. Paper Eng: Simple. Also: Can you 
jump like a kangaroo?, 1-5640-2880-1 

Dinosaur Stomp! By Paul Stickland. 
Dutton. $14.99 US. 25x23cm. 7 spreads, 7 
pops. Art: Brightly colored, humorous 

watercolor/ dyes. Plot: An open invitation to a 

dinosaur dance. Big and bold. A roaring good time. 

Is your dance card filled? Paper Eng: Simple to 

somewhat complex. 

The Emporer's New Clothes. Text by 
Oyster Books. Ill: David Pace. Paper Eng: 
Uncredited. Barrons. 0-8120-6610-3. $4.95 
US, $5.95 Can. 13x13cm. 6 spreads. 1 pop, 5 flaps. 
Art: Humorous pen/watercolor. Plot: The ultimate 
fashion faux pas. Can barely be called a pop-up book 
due to simplicity. Paper Eng: Very simple. Also: 
Cinderella, 0-8120-6611-1; Red Riding Hood, 

0-8120-6614-6; Sleeping Beauty, 0-8120- 6613-8. 

^^i Giraffe Jokes! Text: Sadie Fields 
53Z Productions. Ill: Frances Cony. Paper Eng: 
■Sp*" Shonagh Rae. Dove Kids. 0-7871-1050-7. 
$5.95 US. 8.5x9.5cm. 5 spreads. 7 flaps, last spread 
creates 3-D giraffe. Art: Humorous pen/watercolor. 
Plot: Corny giraffe jokes. Cute like a greeting card. 
Paper Eng: Simple. 

God Loves You. By Arnold Shapiro. Ill: 
Vlasta Van Kampen. Paper Eng: John 
Strejan & Compass Productions. Thomas 
Nelson Pub. 0-7852-7419-7. $12.99 US. 19x25cm. 5 
spreads. 5 pops 1 tab mech. Art: Realistic water- 
color. Plot: A variety of animals discover God loves 
them due to their uniqueness. Nice concept, but pops 
don't do the lovely art justice. Paper Eng: Simple. 

The Happy Tree - A Pop-up Counting 

3?fc Book. Text: Joy Cockle. Ill: Sue Askey. 
Paper Eng: Mat Johnstone. Dove Kids. 
0-7871-0927-4. $11.95 US. 19x20 cm. 11 spreads. 1 
pop, 6 tab/flap mechs, 4 flaps, 1 wheel. Art: ink/ 
primative-like paintings. Plot: A lonely tree comes to 
life when visitors arrive. Basic mechs, but art and 
design are nice. Paper Eng: Simple. 

If you're happy and you know iL By Jo 

Lodge. Barrons. 0-8120- 6608-1. $5.95 US, 
$7.50 Can. 15x15cm. 6 spreads, 6 tab 
mechs. Art: Humorous pen and bright, flat colors. 
Plot: Animals act out lyrics to the title's popular 
song. Cute and simple for very young readers Paper 
Eng: Simple Also: This is the way we make a face, 

A Pop-Up 
"Guess Wr.o" Boc 

\'M HIDING/ ' I'm Hiding! By Jane 
Carola Davies. Paper 
Eng: Mat Johnstone. 
Dove Kids. 0-787- 
22x22cm. 6 spreads. 
2 pops, 1 6 tab/flap 
mechs. Art: Humor- 
ous hand painted, 
cutpaper collage. 

Plot: Animals hiding from bigger animals. 

Beautiful, textured art and lots of fun tab J~4 

mechs. Paper Eng: Somewhat complex. 

Jean Claverie's Fairy Tale Theater. Ill: 

Jean Clavene. Stones adapted by Dawn 
Bentley Designed by Jim Deesing. Barrons 
0-8120-6629-4. $16.95 US. $21.00 Can. 21x25cm. 3 

Jane Carca Dav 

spreads. 3 stand up stages, one 16 pg. script booklet, 
13 paper characters on acetate rods Art: Humorous 
(but sophisticated) pen and watercolor. Plot: Put on 3 
shows of your choice: Cinderella, Little Red Riding 
Hood, Three Little Pigs. Artwork is the best thing 
about this package. Stages very simple. 

Mommy, would you love me if...? By Carla 
Dijs. Little Simon. 0-689-80813-5. $8.99 
US, $11.99 Can. 11x20cm. 6 spreads, 6 
pops. Art: Humorous pen/airbrush. Plot: A piglet 
with an identity crisis or at the very least "other 
animal envy." Love those graphic illustrations, but 
pops quite small and with little variety. Paper Eng: 
Very simple. 

The Original Pop-Up Tale of Peter 
Rabbit. By Beatrix Potter. Ill: ColinTwinn. 
Paper Eng: Bruce Reifel. Warne. 0-7232- 
4280-1. $13.99 US, $19.99 Can, 12.99 UK. 
23x21cm. 6 spreads. 5 pops, 10 tab/flap mechs, 1 
flap, 1 wheel. Art: "Potteresque" pen/watercolor. 
Plot: You know the story. Lush illustrations, but 
haven't we seen all this before? Paper Eng: 
Somewhat complex. 

Popposites. Designed by Jung-Huyn Yoon. 
Ill: Various photographers. Paper Eng 
Jung-Huyn Yoon & Roger Culbertson. D.K. 
Publishing. 0-7894- 0576-8. $14.95 US. 21x21cm. 7 
spreads, 4 tab mechs, 3 flaps, 1 wheel, 1 envelope w/ 
removable paper car. Art: Realistic photos. Plot: 
Basic opposites for youngsters. Great photos (as 
usual for D.K), but mechs seem "quiet" in 
comparison. Paper Eng: Simple. 

Putt Putt and Pep. Author uncredited 111: 
The Thompson Brothers. Paper Eng: 
Intervisual Books. Random House. 0-679- 

87958-7. $4.99 US, $6.50 Can. 19x19cm. 5 spreads. 

2 tab mechs, 4 flaps, 1 build-it-yourself paper car. 

Art: Cartoony airbrush. Plot: A purple car with big 

eyebrows searches for it's pet dog. Very mass 

markety, sort of like a coloring book with a few pops. 

Paper car a little complex for young hands to put 

together. Paper Eng: Very simple. 

Silly Heads. Story: Sarah Hewetson. 
Modeling & 111: Cathie Shuttleworth. Paper 
Eng: Ruth Wickings. D.K. Publishing. 
0-7894-0219 -x. $15.95 US. 16x31cm. 7 spreads, 
each spread divided horizontally into thirds. Each 
third has it's own pop. Art: Photos of humorous 3-D 
mixed media sculptures. Plot: Make up a story while 
mixing up faces. The first gender bending pop-up 

book. Deliciously crazy and a little creepy (especially 
those glass eyeballs!). Paper Eng: Somewhat 

Something tells me it's your birthday.... 

Ill: Mary Englebreit. Paper Eng: Intervisual 
Books. Andrews and McMeel. 0-8362- 
1067-0. $6.95 US, $9.95 Can. 13x16.5cm. 5 spreads. 
1 pop, 4 changing slats. Art: Engelbreit. Plot: 
Wishing you a Happy B-day. Like a hard-cover 
greeting card. Paper Eng: Simple. Also: Teaching is 
Touching Tomorrow, 0-8362-0945-1. 

Teacher's Memories -A Keepsake Album. 

Text: Bob Sanny. Ill: Brian & Lizzie 
Sanders. Paper Eng: Rafael Rangel. 
Reading's Fun, Ltd. 0-9649777-0-2. 21x27cm. 12 
spreads. 5 pops, 1 envelope for "Keepsakes." Art: 
Kate Greenaway-like watercolors. Plot: Scrap album 
for teachers. Elegantly illustrated and designed 
although pops are small and few. Paper Eng: Simple. 

Ten Bears Go Marching. Text by Sadie 
Fields. Ill: John Richardson. Paper Eng: 
Richard Ferguson. Hyperion. 0-7868-0266- 
9. $13.95 US. 22x17cm. 11 spreads. 11 tab/flap 
mechs, 1 wheel. Art: Humorous pen/watercolor. Plot: 
The youngsters from the popular Ten Bears in Bed 
are back, playing on their way to school. Lots of fun 
and some great tab mechs. Paper Eng: Somewhat 

Up pop the Monsters 1*2>3. By Carla Dijs. 
Scholastic.0-590-84762-7. $8.95 US, 
$11.99 Can. 14x14cm. 10 spreads, 10 pops. 
Art: Humorous pen/airbrush. Plot: Counting to ten 
Halloween style. Big things sometimes do come in 
small packages. Beautifully designed, extra credit for 
diversity of kids. Paper Eng: Simple. 

Have you purchased your copy of 
Catalogue #8 yet? Nearly 600 pop-ups, 
419 photographed. An essential reference. 
Book Source Monthly says, "We have 
never (before) singled out (a catalogue) for 
special mention. . ." 
$20 — Absolutely last catalogue! 


216 Ringwood Lane, Elgin, SC 29045 
(803) 788-1368 

(Flights of Taney 

The Books of Edward H. Hutchins 

Curated by Constance Woo 

September 3 to October 3 1 . 1996 

Workshop by the artist: 

Innovative Book Structures 

October 11. 1996 

10:00 a.m. -3:00 p.m. 

For reservations call 718-488-1051 

Long Island University. Brooklyn Campus 
Salena Library Learning Center. 3rd Floor 

Sabuda Reviewed 

David Whittredge 

The 12 days of Christmas : A pop-up 
celebration. By Robert Sabuda. Little Simon 
$19.95. 21 x 21 cm. 6 spreads each with half 
page flap. 12 pops. Art: Elegant graphic design. Plot: See 
title. A seamless combination of form, movement, and 
superb design with wonderfully imaginative settings for 
the twelve Christmas gifts. From pop-up Christmas pie 
to flying geese in a swirling snow globe to paper dolls 
being snipped before your eyes, this book is a gem. For 
more description see the June ' 96 issue of Movable 
stationery. Paper eng.: simple to complex. 

USS Arizona Pop-up 

The fate of the USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor is a 
single-spread, full color, hardbound book with an 
exciting single 1 1 x 17-inch pop-up showing the USS 
Arizona under Japanese attack. The book was printed 
in 198 1 and hasn't been available in at least ten years 
The price for new. shrink wrapped books is $20 US, 
which includes shipping to US addresses. 
(International shipping costs extra.) If you are 
interested in buying a copy (or a dealer interested m a 
quantity purchase), contact Sandor Nagyszalanczy at: or FAX at: 408-421-0191 . 

Author Signings 

Books of Wonder is a wonderful childrens' book 
store in New York City Two pop-up artists are 
scheduled to appear in the store in the next two months. 

On Tuesday. October 1 . David A. Carter, the creator 
of How many bugs in a box and many other pop-up 
titles, will introduce Bugs that go bump in the night. 
He will sign books from 4:30 to 6:00 p.m. 

On Saturday. November 23. Robert Sabuda. artist 
and paper engineer of The Christmas alphabet will 
sign copies of his newest book The 12 days of 
Christmas from noon until 2:00 p.m. 

Books of Wonder has recently relocated to a larger 
store at 16 West 18th Street. New York, NY 1001 1 . 
They do a large mail order business and will often 
supply signed copies if requested in advance or if 
available from their stock. The toll free order number 
is 1-800-345-6665. 


The 9th Annual Pop-up and Movable Book Exhibit 
will be held from December 2 , 1996 to January 27 , 
1997 at the Main Library of The University of Arizona 
in Tucson. Arizona. This annual exhibit is free and 
open to the general public A listing of the books on 
display will be available 

The exhibit will feature pop-up and movable books 
published during the past year and the developmental 
steps in the design and paper engineering for Robert 
Sabuda's The 12 days of Christmas: A pop-up 
celebration. Mr. Sabuda will be available at the 
opening in the morning of December 2 for a question 
and answer session and to autograph his books. 

The curator for this exhibit is Dr. James T. Sinski. 
Professor Emeritus. For information concerning the 
hours the library is open telephone (520) 62 1-4300. or 

Questions and Answers 

Q. A recent dealer's catalog listed two editions of 
Wehr's Little Black Sambo animated! The one dated 
1943 has six movable plates and the other dated 1949 
has four plates. What plates are in the variant editions? 

A. Thanks to the people who answered my question. It 
turns out there is an edition with seven plates as well as 
editions with 5 and 6. These are the plates in the 1943 
and 1949 editions: 

1. Sambo with an umbrella (1943, 1949) 

2. Sambo handing red coat to the tiger. (1943) 

3 . Sambo in the bushes holding out trousers to the 

tiger. (1943, 1949) 

4. Tiger with shoes on his ears. (1943. 1949) 

5. Sambo giving umbrella to the tiger. (1943, 

1st edition only) 

6. Tigers rolling and fumbling (or fighting). (1943) 

7. Three people eatmg pancakes. (1943. 1949) 

Q. Anne Williams asked if there are movies other than 
Throw mamma from the train that included pop-up 

A. David Burton responded that the definitive pop-up 
in a movie is in Prosper o 's books. The movie stars Sir 
John Gielgud and is a gorgeous version of 
Shakespear's Tempest. Prospero's magical books open 
the movie. 

Q. Since I have a small collections of movables, I'm 
always interested m evaluation. Is there a special "price 
guide" which includes pop-up and movable books? 
Dorothy Bogdan 
67 E. Walworth 
Delavan, Wisconsin 53115 

Q. I recently found a reference to a The story of Little 
Black Sambo published in 1933. The entry shows it 
was illustrated by Kurt Wiese and animated by A.V. 
Warren. If someone has a copy in their collection I 
would appreciate a description of the plates. 

Ann Montanaro 


East Brunswick, N. J. 08816 

Q. We are wondering if any collectors would be 
interested in trading their duplicate pop-ups and 
animated books with us? Send us your duplicate list, 
and we'll send you ours. 

Sandor Nagyszalanczy and Ann Gibb 

120 Hall St. 

Santa Cruz. California 95062 

Q. I have a very good copy of The "pop-up " Buck 
Rogers: Strange adventures in the spider-ship which I 
would like to sell. If you are interested in this book 
please contact me at 303-860-8835 or write to me. 
Marita Dougherty 
1125 Marion St. #7 
Denver, Colorado 80218 

Q. In volume 4, number 2 a question was submitted 
asking if the books Castles, Caverns, Cowboys, 
Dinosaurs, Indians, Mountains, Prehistoric man, and 
Volcanoes were ever published. They appeared in the 
Universal Sales and Marketing catalog in 1994. 

A. Sydney Stanley reports Universal Sales never did 
publish the books shown in the 1994 catalog. The 
photos were dummies not actual books. As I 
understand it they were to publish them but, the agent, 
(representing the packager) was unable to close the 
deal to Universal. 

Q. An article in Antiqueweek (May 26, 1 996) entitled 
"Pop-up books have delighted children and collectors" 
includes a picture of The Jolly Jump-ups Robert Louis 
Stevenson 's a child's garden of verses. The caption 
reads "Pop-up books have always been more expensive 
than books with regular pages. This 1946 book was 
originally priced $8.98. It is now valued at $22 and 
up." It is possible that book cost $8.98 in 1946? 
Sue Rothwell 

A. An advertisement appearing in Playthings in March 
1952 McLoughlin Bros, announced "new reduced 
prices for new high profits!" The "new reduced retail 
price"of the ten Jolly Jump-up books went from $1.50 
to $1 .25. It is doubtful the original price ever exceeded 

Q. Most of the paper engineering "how tos" that I am 
familiar with come from Japan (Chatanrs Origamic 
architecture, etc.). Do the Japanese also have a lively 
pop-up/movable book trade? 

Mimi Labruchene 
San Diego. California 

A. A note from Burt Thompson addresses Mimi's 
question but others may have more information. Burt 
wrote " I went to Japan in June for 3 weeks. I looked 
for pop-up books but was disappointed to find only a 
few that appeared to originate in Japan. Most were 
Japanese translations of Intervisual Books." He 
mcluded the following books (with subject matter not 
titles). ISBN numbers and approximate prices of five 
titles he purchased in Japan. 

Geme from lamp. 1994. TMS-NTV. 4-577-00651-0 


On trains. (Animals on front cover). 1995. Maybe 

ASCA. 4-87029-182-7. $13.00. 

On trains. 1990. Maybe ASCA. 4-87029-065-0. 


On fire engines. 1995. Maybe ASCA. 4-87029-181-9. 


On fire engines. 1990. ASCA Corp. Printed and bound 

in Hong Kong. 4-87029-066-9. $12.00. 

Catalogs Recently Received 

Each of these catalogs includes 
pop-up or movable books. 

A. Dalrymple. Bookseller. Catalogue 21. 1791 
Graefieid, Birmingham. MI 48009 

Aleph-Bet Books. Inc. Catalogue 52. 218 Waters Edge. 
Valley Cottage. NY 10989. 914-268-7410. 

Books of the Ages. Catalogue no. 11. Maple Ridge 
Manor. 4764 Silverwood Dr. Batavia. Ohio 45103 

Jo Ann Reisler. Ltd. Catalogue 34. 360 Glyndon St 
NE, Vienna. VA. 22180. 

Pequeno Press. Catalog of our pop-up and fold-out 
miniature books. 1996. [artists books]. Pequeno Press. 
P.O. Box 171 1. Bisbee. Arizona 85603. 

Rose Lasley. Pop Ups. 5827 Burr Oak. Berkeley. IL 
60163. 708-547-6239. 

Unicorn Books. Catalogue 74. 56 Rowlands Ave., 
Hatch End. Pinner. Ha5 4BP. England 

Blue Ribbon pop-ups. continued from page 3 

Bhie Ribbon sales topped the 1 933 juvenile best seller 
list with four of the top five juvenile titles. Mickey Mouse 
was in first place. Pinocchio in second and Three little 
pigs in third. Minnie Mouse and the 50c titles were not 
reflected on the best seller lists as so many stores fisted 
merely "The Pop-Ups" on their reports instead of naming 
individual titles. Two other 1933 juvenile best sellers 
were The story of Ping and Ask Mr. Bear which each 
sold for $1.00. 

In July 1934 Blue Ribbon heralded their newest 
"Revolutionary Idea" - The Mickey Mouse waddle book. 
The Waddle Books promised to be sensational sellers. 
"They have the foundation of all children's books ~ a 
story and colored illustrations And they have something 
no other juvenile ever had ~ three-dimensional 
characters that walk without the aid of any mechanical 
contrivance. Like the Pop-Ups they are self-explanatory 
merchandise that sells itself on sight." Blue Ribbon 
produced a first printing of 50.000 copies of the Mickey 
Waddle to sell for $ 1 .00 followed closely thereafter with 
The Wizard ofOz waddle book for $2.00. 

Mule Red 

m£L*k- f 

Little Red Ridinghood, 1933 

A PW reviewer noted the Waddle books "are toys 
rather than books but they will doubtless appeal to all 
those customers who were pleased with the Pop-Ups last 
year " A spokesman for Blue Ribbon took PW\o task in 
a letter to the editor statmg the Waddle books "are 
regular books. PLUS toys What the child gets is a 

complete stoiy. with regular illustrations, plus characters 
that walk without any clockwork or springs." 

To further encourage sales. Reynal formed the "1000 
Advance Club"' to honor the first booksellers who 
reordered 1 .000 or more Waddle books. By September 
1, 1934. there were six charter members. Blue Ribbon 
predicted a 50.000 advance on The Mickey Mouse 
waddle book. 

In the September 8. 1934 issue of PW, Blue Ribbon 
announced price reductions for all of the Pop-Ups. Jack 
the Giant Killer. Jack and Beanstalk, Little Red Riding 
Hood, and Sleeping Beauty were reduced from 60£ to 
35<5. The Mickey and Minnie Mouse titles which 
originally sold for 85c were reduced to 50c. Similarly, 
Mickey Mouse in King Arthur's Court and Silly 
Symphonies went from $2.00 to $1.00 and Mother 
Goose Rhymes and Cinderella were reduced from $2.50 
to $2.00. 

Three new pop-ups were issued for the 1 934 holidays: 
The "Pop-up " Mother Goose, The "Pop-up " 
Goldilocks. Little Red Ridinghood. and The "Pop-up" 
puss in-boots. These "brand new'* pop-ups were priced 
at just 20c. Blue Ribbon announced "The quality of these 
books is better then [sic] ever. The astoundingly low 
price has been made possible by the discovery of new 
methods for making Pop-Ups. The Pop-Up illustrations 
(3 in every book) are printed in gorgeous colors; they are 
big; they are full of detail; and they are all brand new." 

On December 1. 1934 Blue Ribbon announced that in 
the first three weeks they had sold 1 76.000 copies of the 
20c Pop-Ups and. in the first week, had sold 102,000 
copies of the 10c Pop-ups. While PW containted no 
advertising for the lOe Pop-Ups, it appears certain they 
must have been the five titles in The Midget Pop-up 
Book series. Each was 1 3 cm and 60 pages in length with 
one pop-up. As successful as they were, when the best 
seller list was issued for 1934. no Blue Ribbon pop-up 
books made the juvenile list and The Mickey Mouse 
waddle book was eighth. 

In the fall of 1935 there was optimism among book 
sellers, sales were up. Blue Ribbon announced the 
addition of eight new pop-up titles: Tarzan. Terry and 
the Pirates. Tim Tyler. Flash Gordon. Popeye. Buck 
Rogers. Little Orphan Annie, and Dick Tracy. Blue 
Ribbon told booksellers "Last fall we sold 562.8 1 5 Pop- 
Ups and this fall we feel safe in predicting sales of at 
least 1.000.000 Of all the Pop-ups sold last fall, the 20c 

list was much the most popular. The only suggestions 
from the trade were that the price be raised to 25c 
We've taken that suggestion leaving a bigger margin for 
the dealer." 

Even though these titles appeared in advertising and 
in the Publishers ' Trade List Annual as Blue Ribbon 
titles, the imprint in each of the books was Pleasure 
Books. Chicago, Illinois. The notation "A Blue Ribbon 
Press Book" appears in some of the books. In the 1930s 
Publishers ' Weekly printed an annual list of domestic 
publishers but Pleasure Books did not appear on the list 
for 1935. Pleasure Books was probably a Blue Ribbon 

Orphan Annie and Tarzan proved to be the most 
popular titles in the new lot which collectively sold over 
300,000 by mid-November 1935. The holiday season 
was the best in many years and most publishers and 
booksellers enthusiastically reported increased sales. But. 
for Pop-Up books the peak had passed. There were no 
Pop-Up or Waddle books on the juvenile best seller list 
for 1935 and after August 1935 Blue Ribbon did not 
promote any existing Pop-Up books nor did they add any 
new titles. The firm continued to publish reprints and 
added other tides to their list, but the market for pop-ups 
had ended. 


Based articles and advertising in Publishers' Weekly 
from August 27, 1932 through June 20, 1936. 

Blue Ribbon Pop-Ups 

Buck Rogers, 25th centujy featuring Buddy and Allura 
in "Strange adventures in the spider ship. " (22 pages, 
three pop-ups). Pleasure Books. [1935]. Cover title: The 
"pop-up " Buck Rogers: Strange adventures in the 

Buck Rogers in the dangerous mission, with "pop-up " 
pictures. The Midget Pop-up Book. (60 pages, one pop- 
up) Blue Pubbon Books. 1934. 

Dick Tracy: The capture of Boris Arson. (3 pop-ups). 
Pleasure Books. 1935. Cover title: The "pop-up" Dick 
Tracy "capture of Boris Arson. " 

Flash Gordon: The tournament of death. (3 pop-ups) 
Pleasure Books. 1935. Cover title: The "pop-up" Flash 

Goldilocks and the three bears (18 pages, 3 pop-ups). 
Blue Ribbon Books, 1934. Cover title: The "pop-up " 
Goldilocks and the three bears with "pop-up "pictures. 

Jack and the beanstalk with "pop-up " illustrations in 
color by Harold B. Lentz. (30 pages, one pop-up). Blue 
Ribbon Books. 1933. 

Jack the giant killer witli "pop-up " illustrations in color 
by Harold Lentz. (38 pages, one pop-up). Blue Ribbon 
Books. 1933 

Jack the giant killer, including Jack and the beanstalk, 
Little Red Ridinghood, Sleeping Beauty; with "pop-up" 
illustrations in full color by Harold B. Lentz. (96 pages). 
Blue Ribbon Books, [1932]. 

Little Red Ridinghood: With "pop-up" illustrations in 
color by Harold Lentz. (15 pages, one pop-up). Blue 
Ribbon Books. 1933 

Mickey Mouse in King Arthur's Court: Stories and 
illustrations by the staff of the Walt Disney Studios. (48 
pages, four pop-ups). Blue Ribbon Books. 1933. 

Mickey Mouse in "ye olden days" with "pop-up" 
picture. The Midget Pop-up Book. (60 pages, one pop- 
up) Blue Ribbon Books. 1934 

The "pop-up "Minnie Mouse. (26 pages, three pop-ups). 
Blue Ribbon Books, 1933. 

The pop-up Mother Goose. (96 pages) Blue Ribbon. 

The "pop-up" Mother Goose with "pop-up" 
illustrations in full color by Harold B. Lentz. (18 pages, 
three pop-ups). Blue Ribbon Books. 1934. 

The "pop-up" Pinocchi, being the life and adventures of 
a wooden puppet who finally became a real boy; with 
"pop-up " illustrations in color by Harold B. Lentz. (96 
pages, four pop-ups) Blue Ribbon Books. 1932. 

The "pop-up " silly symphonies containing Babes in the 
woods and King Neptune; Stories and illustrations by 
the staff of Walt Disney Studios. (48 pages, four pop- 
ups) Blue Ribbon Books. 1933. 

Puss in Boots: Illustrations by C. Carey Cloud and 
Harold B. Lentz. (22 pages, three pop-ups) Blue Ribbon 
Books. 1934. Cover title: The "pop-up" Puss-in-Boots 
with "pop-up" pictures. 

Sleeping Beauty: With "pop-up " illustrations in color 
by Harold Lentz. (24 pages, one pop-up) Blue Ribbon 
Books. 1933. 

The Mickey Mouse waddle Book. Blue Ribbon. 1934. 

The new adventures of Tarzan "pop-up. "(20 pages, 
three pop-ups) Pleasure Books 1935. 

Popeye among the white savages, with "pop-up" 
picture. The Midget Pop-up Book (60 pages) Blue 
Ribbon Books. 1934. 

Popeye with the Hag of the seven seas. (18 pages, three 
pop-ups). Pleasure Books. 1935 

The "pop-up " Cinderella: Including Hansel and Gretel, 
Goldilocks andttie tfiree bears, Puss-n-boots with "pop- 
up " illustrations by Harold B. Lentz. (95 pages, four 
pop-ups). Blue Ribbon Books. 1933. [Cover title: The 
"pop-up " Cinderella and other tales.] 

The pop-up Little Oiphan Annie and Jumbo, the circus 
elephant. Pleasure Books. 1935 

The pop-up " Mickey Mouse . (28 pages, three pop-ups). 
Blue Ribbon Books. 1933. 

The story of Little Black Sambo; With "pop-up" picture 
by C. Carey Cloud. The Midget Pop-up Book. (60 pages, 
one pop-up) Blue Ribbon Books. 1934. 

The tale of Peter Rabbit: With "pop-up" picture. The 
Midget Pop-up Book (60 pages, one pop-up.) Blue 
Ribbon Books. 1934. 

Terry and the pirates in shipwrecked. (15 pages, three 
pop-ups). Pleasure Books. 1935. Cover title: The "pop- 
up " Terry and the pirates. 

Tim Tyler in the jungle. (Three pop-ups). Pleasure 
Books. 1935. Cover title: The "pop-up " Tim Tyler in the 

The Wizard of Oz waddle book. Blue Ribbon. 1934. 


New Publications 

The following titles have been identified from pre- 
publication publicity, publisher's catalogs, or adver- 
tising. All titles include pop-ups unless otherwise 
identified. Titles reviewed in Robert Sabuda's "Movable 
Reviews" column are not included m this list. 

The amazing pop-up grammar book. Dutton. October. 
$16.99. 0-525-45580-9. 

The creation: A pop-up book. By Brian Wildsmith 
Millbrook Press. $19.95. 

Dracula junior and the fake fangs: A 3-D picture book. 
Korky Paul, illustrator. Dial Books for Young Readers. 
9 x 10. 20 pages. $14.99. 0-8037-2008-4. 

Dump trucks and diggers. By Robert Crowther. 
Candlewick. September. 714 x 714. $7.99. 

The ancient Egypt pack. By Sarah Maitland and Christos 
Kondeatis. Little Brown. October. 11 x 11. 13 pages 
(box) 64 pages (book). $40.00. 0-8212-2327-5. 

Bert and Gertie space detectives! Chronicle. September. 
5 14 x 6 14. 6 spreads. 0-81 18-9448-7. 

The brain pack. Created by Ron Van der Meer. 
November. Running Press. 1114 x 1154. 7 spreads. 
$40.00. 1-56138-746-0. 

Bruce the balding moose: A 3-D picture book, [tab- 
operated mechanicals, accessor,' pieces] Jonathan Allen, 
illustrator. 8 x 1014. 18 pages. Dial Books for Young 
Readers. 0-8037-2064-5. 

Bytes of wisdom: A user's guide to the world. Running 
Press Miniature Edition. September. 2% x 314. 6 
spreads. $4.95. 1-56138-719-3. 

The Christmas alphabet - Limited edition of 500. By 
Robert Sabuda. Orchard Books. October. 10 14 x 8 l A. 
Cloth covered slipcase containing cloth bound book and 
special pop. both signed and numbered bv the author. 
$100 US. $137 Canada. 0-531-09492-8. 

The Christmas alphabet - Pop-up Greeting Cards. 
Orchard Books. October. 5" x 7". Boxed set includes 8 
cards and envelopes of single design. $13 95 US. $18.95 
Canada. Dove cards. 0-531-36007-5; Nutcracker cards, 
0-531-36008-3; Snowflake cards, 

The Christmas story. [Three-dimensional diorama scene] 
Little Simon. October. 814 x 9. 24 pages. $12.95. 0-689- 

Cinderella fun with pull-tabs, flaps and pop-ups. 
Barrons. September. 5'A x 5'A. 14 pages. $4.95. 

Fun with number blox: Pop-up number blox & activity 
book. Alpi International. 1 VA x 7. six blocks. $14.95. 

Go with Christian! The Pilgrim 's Progress for young 
children. By Alan and and Linda Parry. Word Publishing. 
12 pages, io x 10. $14.99. 0-8499-1305-5. 

Goldilocks and the three bears, [with miniature plastic 
characters] Andrews &. McMeel. 5x4 14. 24 pages. 
$9.95. 0-8362-0954-0. 

The great castle mystery: A three-dimensional mystery. 
[3-D pop-out castle model]. HarperCollins. September. 
9 l Ax 6. 24 pages. $17.95. 

Happy holiday. R unnin g Press Miniature Edition. 
September. 2V< x 314. 6 spreads. $4.95. 

Humpty Dumpty. By Moira Kemp. Lodestar. 8 14 x 1 1 . 

5 spreads. $12.99. 6-525-6740-x. 

I love you!. Running Press Miniature Edition. September. 

2 3 /< x 314. 6 spreads. $4.95. 


In the jungle. Hide and Seek series. Little Brown. 
October. 8 x 8. 14 pages. $9.95. 0-316-1 1821-4. 

The joys of Christmas: A treasury of seasonal smiles. 
Running Press Miniature Edition. September. 2'A x 314. 

6 spreads. $4.95. 1-56138-720-7. 

The language of flowers. Blushing Rose Publishing. 7 3 /< 
x 8'/4. 32 pages. 8 pop-up spreads. $14.95. 


Little Red Riding Hood fan with pull-tabs, flaps and 
pop-ups. Barrens. September. 514 x 5V*. 14 pages $4.95. 

Noah 's ark pop-up ABC . Little Simon. November. 8 x 
10 14. 14 pages. $15.95. 0-689-81109-8. 

Old MacDonald's farm: A pop-out book. Random 
House. 6x7.10 pages. $4.99. 0-679-88272-3 

The pick and shop marketplace . By Ron van der Meer 
and Fran Thatcher Random House. $19.99. 

Pirate plunder's treasure hunt: A pop-up whodunit. By 
Iain Smith. Dutton. 8 14 x 12. 14 pages. September 


3 9088 01629 2765 

Tractors arid trucks. By Robert Crowther. Candlewick. 
September. 714 x 754. $7.99. 0-7636-0009-1. 

A trick or treat surprise: A costume pop-up book. Mouse 
Works. September. TA x 914 5 spreads. $7.98. 1-57082- 

The twelve days of Christmas. By Robert Sabuda. Little 
Simon. October. 8 x 8. 12 pages. $19.95 US. 26.95 
Canada. 0-689-80865-8. 

The twelve days of Christmas - Limited edition of 250. 
By Robert Sabuda. Little Simon. October. 8 !4 x 8 14. 
Cloth covered slipcase containing cloth bound book with 
special pop inlaid in cover signed and numbered by the 
author. $100 US. $135 Canada. 0-689-81249-3. 

Sam s pizza. By David Pelham. Dutton. October. $ 1 1 .99 

Sarah 's house, [large carousel] DK. November 9 14 x 
13. $19.95.0-7894-1007-9. 

Seven great explorations. By Celia King. Chronicle. 
November. 4 14 x 5 14. 7 spreads. $10.95. 

Skeleton closet: A spooky pop-up book. Hypenon. 
October. 4'/ 2 x9 14. 14 pages. $12.95. 0-7868-0007-0. 

Sleeping Beauty fun with pull-tabs, flaps and pop-ups. 
Barrens. September. 5% x 5V*. 14 pages. $4.95. 

Star Wars: Jabba s palace pop-up book. Little Brown. 
October 8 14x 12 ''A. 14 pages. $19.95. 0-316-53513-3. 

Tanya steps out: A book of magical moving pictures. 
Philomel. 8 14 x 9. 10 pages. $13.95. 0-399-22936-1. 

Ten Christmas sheep. Eerdmans Books for Young 
Readers. 9 x 6. 6 spreads. $13.00.0-8028-5137-1. 

These are the voyages: A three-dimensional Star Trek- 
album. Chuck Murphy. Pocket Books. November 1 1 x 
11.4 spreads. $35.0o! 0-671-55139-6. 

Thumbelma. [with mmiature plastic characters] Andrews 
& McMeel. 5x4 14. 24 pages. $9.95. 

The velveteen rabbit [with miniature plastic characters] 
Andrews & McMeel. 5x4 14, 24 pages. $9.95. 0-8362- 

Walt Disney 's when you wish upon a star: A musical 
pop-up book. Disney. September. 7x7. 10 pages. 

Welcome to bear country. {Berenstain Bears]. GT 
Publishing. $5.95. 1-57719-060-2. 

Itlio 's afraid? A pop-up counting book. By Carla Dijs. 
Henry Holt. September. 7 Va x 8 3 />. 12 pages. 

The witches ' scary house [large carousel]St. Martin's 
Press. 9 !4x 14. $19.95. 0-312-14529-2. 

The Wizard ofOz. [with miniature plastic characters] 
Andrews & McMeel. 5x4 14. 24 pages. $9.95. 

New Publishers Listed 

Eerdmans Books for Young Readers. Grand 
Rapids/Cambndge. 800-253-7521. 

GT Publishine. 800-285-6920.